Matheson Pricing

Matheson Pricing

Finally after INSANE demand, Lake Land Networks, in partnership with YR Cabling Technology Services, will be making yet another large investment in North Eastern Ontario. We are proud to say WE ARE COMING TO MATHESON, Ontario, under the trade name “Lake Land MicroISP”

The service we will be providing is backed by over 20 years of expirience in the industry, and it will put all other internet service options in Matheson to shame! Not only that, were going to do it without spending your tax dollars; (unlike our competition)

All of our internet packages include unlimited data, and are priced by maximum speed.
Our Matheson service will only work within the main town of Matheson to start, but we will work to provide some rural service in the future.
We currently offer three speed options (which are listed below), but the plan is to be able to provide up to 800Mbps sometime in 2023.


1. Light 10 Meg – 10mbps Download with 2mbps Upload – $65.00/mt + HST with No Contract, and Unlimited Data.

2. Medium 30 Meg – 30mbps Download with 5mbps Upload – $100.00/mt + HST with No Contract, and Unlimited Data.

3. Heavy 50 Meg – 50mbps Download with 10mbps Upload – $130.00/mt + HST with No Contract, and Unlimited Data.


1. Business 80 Meg – 80mbps Download with 20mbps Upload – $200.00/mt + HST with No Contract, Unlimited Data, Priority Data Delivery, and Priority Support!

Internet services are for home, and business use only. Speeds are provided as a best effort, and are not garaunteed. However unlike our competition, we DO NOT overload our network. Our best effort, will always be better than theirs!